Guess the Airport FR24 Style


Also those Qatar Airways flights gave it away. Yes you’re correct, follow the ‘rules/guidelines’ in the original topic and post a screenshot of your chosen airport.


I am busy atm so I’ll do one later.


Take your time, no need to be in a hurry


Nice easy one @DGGR

Let’s see what @Ken_Wei has in store?


This one should be easy


I forgot to put it in the instructions but can you please use Airline Logo Tags.

It’s Miami Int’l anyway though.


sorry, I am using PC


No worries, was I right?


Yes you’re :slight_smile: you can do one now


Cool. Stepping it up a notch here goes.

Take into account its the middle of the night at this airport so traffic levels are very low.


JFK, All those jetblue aircraft helped


It’s not though :joy: I wouldn’t give you it that easy.


Chicago o’hare? Or Boston?


Boston :joy:. Your go.


The only aircraft departing form there has probs landed by now…


Mwanza and remember the Airline Logo Tags instead.


It’s not possible on the web version, I can’t open that app sorry.


No worries. Was I right?


MWZ is correct. Your turn