Guess the Airport FR24 Style

Further inland. :joy:

Atlanta or Dallas? Or even more?

Dallas but which one?

DFW, as I don’t think it’s Love Field.


Why is Hamad International airport banned from Saudi Arabian Airspace?

How do I do that in PC?

Don’t think it’s possible, only available in the app

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This question. @aegirN

Read this you will get your answer:

Bahrain isn’t one of the major countries in the ‘blockade’ The blockade is also much more than just air. Not to go off topic tho. Send me a dm if you want to discuss this.

Who’s doing the airport posting btw?

@aegirN your turn.

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Good luck, it not very hard.

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It’s a hub for Air Asia

Not going to comment.

Singapore international airport

Nope, not Singapore :singapore:

Kuala Lumpur

insert copy paste from post above

Except its in Malaysia