Guess the airport

I know this topic: guess the airport was also in Infinite Flight Community forums but I think we should have one here as well as I feel like it’s necceary and yes, this is moderator approved. In this game, you just guess the airport and if you get right, you’ll post an airport for others to guess but if they get it right, they get to post the airports. Also, if you’re to post a smaller of less-known airports, you’re encourage to add a few hints.
I’ll start it off
This is an airfield located in Huron, South Dakota. Sorry if I’m using PC right now and that I can’t find an image of the airport.

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More hints are needed, there’s no airport at 397th Ave.
I have check the whole road, only found this.

Is this (airport) north or south of: Woonsocket?
Is the airport north or south of Huron?
Does this airport have a name?
Can I give up :joy:? I’ve spent 1 hour looking for it. Nothing has been found.
I’ve searched all of this:image

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Does this look familiar? image

Is that by the location?

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Very close to the location, it’s right next to the location. Go to the left and you see the airport for sure

What’s the street are to the left?

It’s obviously 397 ave

It’s Huron Regional Airport.


It’s a few blocks or whatever it’s called away.

Also the airfield in Huron has the same name as one of the four seasons

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Right i’ll post one in a bit when I get a chance.

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As you may know from my participation in “Guess the” threads on the IFC, I love to make it really hard so here goes.


I’ll answer most questions and hint along the way if needed.

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Is this airport in North America?


Is this airport in Britain?

Maybe, Maybe Not. Definarely Europe though.

Near London? Or Leek?


Come on guys let’s keep this going!

image hint: it’s located in one of the US Minor Outlying island and was a former airfield.

@Maverick I have already posted one. Please try and guess that and if you are correct you may post your own.