Gulf Air and Oman Air boarding music


Hi all I would request you to add the gulf air boarding music and safety announcements and Oman Air safety announcements has changed so has its boarding music it needs to be updated.

Gulf Air safety video and boarding music

Oman Air updated safety video



These are great sound packs


I agree to add these sound packs !


Give it a vote guys…


Voted for these. Love gulf air safety and boarding music :wink:


I love the Oman music!. I have voted on this nice feature!


You have earned my vote as I love the Omar air boarding and safety.


I tend to fly with Oman in Infinite Flight a lot and have shown my support by voting.

I hope it’s added


Oman air is already there


I mean to update the latest safety video of Oman Air.


Gulf Air added with carriers own music, safety, descent and post landing announcements. Updates can take up 24 hours to show


And updated Oman Air post landing and safety announcement


Awesome, @luqmanh thanks a lot.

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