Hello, I'm new here!



I am Speed, otherwise known as SpeedPlayz. Ive been an IFPAX user for a long time and just heard about this community and I decided to join, so here I am!

Ive read the New User Guide and I think I know most of it.

I just have questions regarding TLs, are there any disclosed requirements, and can I have some tips on how to advance in Trust Levels? It would really help.

I’d appreciate a few answers or so
Thank you!



To advance trust level, like posts, reply and stay active. You will be TL2 in no time :wink:


Here’s a link that I found helpful: understanding trust levels

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Ah, a familiar name. Welcome to the community.


Did see that before. But some communities like to change up the requirements :eyes:


If I remember correctly the requirements have not been changed.


We haven’t changed them as of current although that is subject to change.

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I found the same thing from IFC by looking at schyllberg’s post about TLs


why is this name familiar, could it be speedplayz?


I am SpeedPlayz , it says in my bio


Oh, I didn’t look at your bio :wink: . Sorry.

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Welcome @Speed. Glad to have you on the community

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