Help! My subscription has gone very wrong!

Hello community!

So back in December I thought I’d give Infinite Passengers a go. A purchased the month subscription. At the end of the month, I realised I didn’t use it enough and therefore, cancelled my subscription. I forgot about it and IFPAX ended up logging my account out of the app since I didn’t use it.
Today, I realised I had dropped £2.49 out of my iTunes vouchers that I have on my Apple ID. It also, I think, happened last mobth. I’m not sure but I think the subscription didn’t cancel properly and once I logged out the app, something has happened and I still get charged although the AppStore says “expired 21 Jan 2020”. As I didn’t think I was going to want the app again I forgot my username, password and all that.
What should I do?

Thanks for your help!

Hello and welcome to the forum @Speedbird!
Is Infinite Passengers on an auto renew subscription?

It would have been yes, I think. I had it renew twice I think.

I had it renew twice wantingly, .i mean.

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