Hidden profile?


What do this mean?

I went to view their profile and this happened.


It’s an option to hide your profile to the public within the platform.

This could be done for privacy reasons, content moderation reasons, etc.


Didn’t know that… thought the moderators did it…


They have the option to do so, but so do the users.

To access, go to your profile, preferences, interface, then select hide my public profile and presence features.


Why would it be hidden if they just join today? Privacy probably. Just don’t write private infos there.


Can I ask why, you where looking about on people’s profiles :grimacing::joy:


It was probably me. Most things that went wrong were caused by me😂


I like to browse profiles. Sorry for being a stalker.


Your not the only person.


I can’t tell you. It’s either their preference which they have a right to adjust their settings, or it was done for a moderation reason. We may never know, but now you know a little more about it and how to access the option.


I do the same, its perfectly fine.


I wish my profile to remain private as I like online privacy


Well, now we do know! We all respect your privacy here. Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here.


Oh I see why now. Thanks


I’ll tell you it’s not hidden right now @Ken_Wei


Thank you for the kind welcome