High altitude bug?

I flew from VHHH - ZULS. First, i was cruising along at FL260 or something along those lines and got hit with speeding below 10,000’ and no landing lights. There goes points ( i know this bug is being looked into. Should be 10,000’ msl or 3,000 AGL which ever is greater IMO )

Then on landing I landed and was taxiing off the runway and i put flaps up and spoilers retract. I got points docked for not landing with flaps or spoilers but yet i touched down with everything on and only retracted stuff when my gs was down and taxiing. Then i kept getting the warning vocal alert from bitchin’ Betty “ TOO low Flaps” while taxiing, i’m Like I’m on the ground I don’t need them anymore… lol

Field elevation is 11,700’

So my flight that i should of got a 100% i got an 85% i’m Really shooting for 100’s here and some of this stuff is kinda frustrating especially after doing 8 - 16 hr flights. This one was only 3hrs but still.

Anyways done venting.


Hmm, this is something we need to fix this. Was your flight over the mountain range, or the highland? If so, maybe it’s the AGL causing to think that you are speeding too fast or not using the landing light when you are close to the ground even your MGL is high. This answer may be incorrect, and hopefully, the staffs/developer can explain it more and fix it.


And the second part is we may need some information from you.

  • Which device were you using?
  • Was it for freeplay, airline mode, or cargo mode?
  • Which version are you using right now?

Giving this information may help the developer to fix it.


Read this topic here:Loosing points in higher elevation airports


Over mountain terrain Himalayas. Flying A388, iPad Pro IOS. Update is up on the software I’ll have to double check shortly… it was in airline mode.


This is a reason why we need the option to toggle between AGL and MSL. They could select MSL in high areas so no negative rating, but if the airport is above 10K it will be an issue upon TO/landing. It sucks to have negative rating due to this issue.


I agree and our Staff and Dev i can assure you will sort this as soon as possible but they are busy people.


Came across this as well. Toggle between MSL and AGL would be amazing! :blush: This would hopefully solve these issues.


All they need to code it so it’s 10,000’ MSL or 3,000’ AGL whichever is greater. That way over 10,000’ you can fly 300kias… but of course 3,000’ or below then do the restriction to keep people from doing fly-bys down active airports at 1400 kts.

AGL sucks when flying over mountains since the terrain changes so rapidly. Another thing would be nice to add not sure if they can is to add some sort of topograph map to the map view. So when flying at night and what not you have an idea or at the very least make it like an IFR chart with the big number / little number so you now absolute bottom in that square


I believe this is solved in: Infinite Passengers 5.1.2 Release.

It has indeed been fixed :wink:

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Fixed in Infinite Passengers 5.1.2 Release.