How did community moderators become moderators?

My question is how did the community moderators become moderators?

Some of our moderators have been with Infinite Passengers from the start. They are trusted beta testers who were invited to help out with the forum and become a mod.

The other moderators in our team are trusted community members. They have proven to provide a good example by supporting other users, acting mature and following our forum guidelines and can be trusted with this position.

Although, we do keep a close eye on all community members and see who would be fit to become a moderator.

As of now, we currently don’t take any direct requests for this position. The community admins will decide on new moderators and only promote if more are needed. The best way to become a moderator is to be an active and loyal forum member. Promote some positive discussion, welcome new users and assist users who may need help. We base our selection on multiple factors to ensure only the most loyal forum members are promoted to moderator.

We do also have an application process which may be opened up to allow the general public to apply for moderator. Although, we do still take a lot of factors into account when opening public applications. Keep an eye out in case we decide to do public applications again.


That’s great thanks.

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