How do you always get a perfect score?

Hello Beautiful people!
how do you always get the perfect score?

so a nice reply would be this

what you could get a penalty for
and how to not get it

I know one
Not Used landing lights: Solution make sure at below 10,000 you use them ALWAYS

what are all the outher ones??

Just fly professionally and safely.

Use landing lights below 10k feet
Have the speed below 250 knots while below 10k feet
Be on time (I use FlightAware to help me with flight times)
Dont over control your plane… dont pull to many Gs
etc etc

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I used to add an extra 30 minutes on top of the time estimated just in case of go-arounds or unexpected situations such as overshooting airport, holding patterns etc.

Also just to add, Just try to be as realistic as you can be in Infinite Flight and you should be fine.

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Yep. I do the same. Never know what will happen in IF lol