How to approve other pilots flights in Airline mode

Hey guys:

I started an airline and @Searcyaviator joined with me. He ha seven flying lime I have but when I go to the airline summary, it only shows my flights. How do I get his flights to show up as well?


Go to Airline mode -> Select your airline -> Select a plane you own -> In the top press “COMPLETE”
The flights should show up there.


Right. But since we don’t have established routes, they don’t show up

Then I’m not sure if theres a way, I’ll ask for full confirmation (I don’t use airlines that work that way, so IM not sure) If it’s not possible, you can make a feature request if you wish in #features.


Thanks. I was just wondering so I can see my pilots flights to make sure they are doing them

I see what you mean and your concerns, this would be a great feature request :wink:

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Who knows. Maybe I’m working on a request like that

You just don’t press approve panel?

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