How to redeem Subcription

Hey guys, before i purchased almost 10+ sound packs and now they ask me for a subcription, how do i redeem my subcriptions ?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for contacting support.

We still honour your previous sound packs purchased with an equilant free subscription.

Please reclaim subscription using this form:

Make sure you use the correct username. Receipts are useful but not essential. Username must be correct for the automatic script to work.

Once done, remove the app, reinstall install from app store and then login to airline mode. It will provide access.

Why was it changed to subscription mode?

Changing to subscription based model should allow us to expand development and get a lot more features out that would add to realism. It should mean we can also have a dedicated support person. Monthly subscription will provide access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode. It will also allow more frequent updates.

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I don’t really remember my username since i mostly fly on Free flight

Ok, no problem.

Do you know the email you may have used?

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No need to say it in public :wink:

If you click on the “forgot” section, it will ask you for your email address or username. It will then send a password reset email, however included in the email subject will be “Hi [Username]”. This should allow you to see what your username is.

If the email doesn’t arrive for some reason then the developer will be able to search the user database to find your username in the app.

Note: The email may take up to 10 minutes to send.

Roger, i will try to reset it by email. Thanks a lot sir for your help

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I think its been around 15 minutes, i haven’t recieved any email yet

Make sure you wrote everything correct.


Limento patience is the key to success :wink:

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Check your junk inbox.


Do you have other emails you may have possibly used for the app?


I’ve had an issue with not receiving a password reset email before. I just registered for an account again with the same email but I understand this might not work on this occasion.

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I wrote my email correctly and i only use 1 email. What should i do ?

Ive checked all my Inbox

Try to do it again, make sure everything is correct just Incase.

I think there definitely is an issue with password reset emails not sending. I think we’ll have to wait for Luqman.

OP has recieved their username. Handling via PM.