I can not save my report

Hello after I am landed when go to saving my report that came message Error An error occurred whilst saving this flight. If this was a genuine flight please contact support on our forum at [community.infinitepassengers.com](http://community.infinitepassengers.com) I have two accounts and this messages it came in both my account My first account is : albaidan My second account is : albaidan5

I hope to help me to resolve that problem and added that report
Thank you >>>>>

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Hi @Albaidan_Ahmed ,

There could have been an abrupt interference in your network connection while saving the flight. Can you please try use a different network? Please report back if this fixes your issue.

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My network is very fast 5g and i am used that before 6 month without any problems that is the first time

Could have been a one off issue with your network, can you try another flight and tell me if it still happens?

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It happened one times before two day
And it became yesterday in my two accounts in same time

Im flying now and it will arrive in 6 hour later

Please report on what happens when you land :slight_smile: If the issues continue, we will do our best to figure out the issue.


I will do that after the landing and i will record screen

thank you very much ,


Hi i am just landed and it is saved the report without any problems

I hope :crossed_fingers: it continue for that in future without crash or bug

Thank you for your interest in the topic, and I hope to add the report of my previous trip



Hey! Glad it worked out :slight_smile: If this for some reason happens again, please dont hesitate to inform us!


Hi how are you ,
That problem it happened again yesterday on my long flight (24 hours)
Look that picture


It seems to be that the app was only running for 11 out of the 24 hours of flight time you have

It running all time i was listening that sound when i am decent and landed it work all time

According to the screenshot it says flight time 11 minutes in the app but IF shows 24 hours and 11 minutes…

I know that
It became after flight 24 hour that bug is repeated
5 times

My network it very strong and my device it new one ( ipad pro 2020 )

Right… So maybe thats why the reports aren’t saving correctly… Bc of the flights are more than 24 hours…