I can’t restore my purchases

Hi there I have purchased the sound packs a while ago. I can log into airline mode I just can’t use my packs. Can I have some help?

Hello there!

Have you tried to hit the "restore Purchases bottom?
Close the app completely and log back in?
Deleted and reinstalled the app?

Hi please explain what yoh mean exactly by cant use.

Yeah now I guess the app loaded and now when i go into airline mode it says i need to subscribe. and i hit restore. Can I please just have my sound packs?

Hello, I couldent find the restore purchases button. But I CAN log into my airline but it tells me i need to subscribe to use the sound packs.

Have you purchased a subscription?

Also the restore subscription button is on the purchase subscription screen?

If you were already provided a free subscription then this was equivalent in value toany previous purchase (probably far more). We can therefore not extend this further.

No I haven’t I bought the sounds packs a long time ago.

Sorry thats not what i meant. Did you purchase sound packs or the actual subscription?

I purchased the sound packs

Whats your username in the app?

What do you mean? I don’t know my username because now it wont let me go into airplane mode. I bought IF PAX a while ago I just want to be able to use it.

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