I have a question about voting in #features

I have a question that you could answer if possible.

I want to vote on more things in #features I understand there is an imposter limit on X of votes to cast on the topics. What are the number of votes limit?

There is a limit in votes for a reason you know probably know: so you don’t vote for everything and vote for what you truly think will improve IF PAX. I think they keep it at default. However, I won’t confuse you here but I have a feeling they are default.
Votes | trust level

TL0 - 4
TL1 - 6
TL2 - 8
TL3 - 10


Thanks for sharing those number of votes that we have. I think that the community staff should give them a little alter and add about 1 or 2 more votes to each user.

No prblem

The ones I think we have. They might have changed them a bit.

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Thanks but I think they should be altered.

I am not able to do this so I suggest that you pm a staff member to discuss :slight_smile:

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@anon85169546 what do you think about this idea? I think it could promote some more activity

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Yeah, I suppose we could increase it a little. @TAP_Portugal we had a little discussion and we don’t think it would hurt to add a few more votes. Stay tuned for a further announcement regarding this soon. We’ll be changing the numbers slightly.


Thanks you so much @anon85169546

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