I need something

Hey, how do I get the Vietnam airlines boarding music into a file?

Well that’s not necessary if you can find the link to the Vietnam airlines boarding music on YouTube just link it along with your feature request.


I don’t think it needs to be feature request as it already added in the app.


He might want to update the boarding music as he mentioned…so yeah he can definitely put in his feature request.


Is this for personal use?

Yeah kind of. I want to use it

What for? I’m a little confused.


What do you mean???

I think he means, what you are planning on using it for, or why are you looking for the file?

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I want to add it as a music to trailer of my VA

Ohk then I guess you will have to download that music.

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But I can’t find it in the internet

I think this is the one if I am not wrong:

But I can’t download

Not sure if this will work where you are, but if you type ss in the URL just before Youtube then it should bring you to a third party website, where you can download it as a MP4 Video/Audio File.

So instead of www.youtube…

It would be www.ssyoutube…

I don’t think it’s safe

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I have used it all the time for Youtube videos, and things etc.

It comes up like that every time, but I have never had any issues.

Ok this is what was said in the comment section of that video( if you are in Vietnam this might be useful)

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The link is nothing. Nothing opens


Have you added a ‘ss’ in this link just before youtube?