Identifying planes

As many of you know, I have been interest into aviation so I like to look at them and sometimes I will try to identify what plane it is but I sometimes have trouble identifying it but there are still a lot of planes I can easily identify and I don’t usually identify the variant because almost all of the plane’s variant is exactly the same:
Large or wide-body aircraft: Airbus A330 and A350(which I should be able to identify), Boeing 747, Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Airbus A340, AN-225
Narrow body and regional: Boeing 727, the newly ARJ-21(I think), DHC-8, DHC-7, and DHC-6 as well as all Airbus jet(A320, A321, A319, A300, A310) but can’t tell exactly
Military: Almost all aircraft
If I can’t identify the aircraft, I will try to identify the company that produce the aircraft which I use the wingtip to help me identify which I can easily identify the wingtip of Boeing and Airbus. But others like ERJ and Cessna 172, I might not able to identify so can anyone help me with this.

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When ever you need help identifying one, shoot me a PM. I’ll happily help!

Well, if I am going to pm you, I will have to post in the same message instead of open up a new one.

You can keep it all in one thread, all up to you…