If you could choose your very first aircraft


If you could choose your first aircraft, without a budget. What aircraft would it be, and why would you choose it?

*if you already are a pilot, think of this as if you aren’t one and are about to start.

*Respect all others opinion on this, feel free to make constructive feedback or opinions to others choices and lastly have fun and don’t argue :slight_smile:

Some things to maybe consider, how difficult can it be to fly, fuel consumption (only had an unlimited budget for buying the plane), comfort, runway needed and extra seats.


A380 and sell it for a A350-1000 and still have money


I would take the B739 with split scimitars! :smiley:


Maybe a modified TBM 930 would be my dream when I finish my PPL but will probably get something cheaper although it’s hard to keep it maintained so i’ll have to see.

In terms of commercial and size

787 (or A350)


Yes it’s vast :joy:


As a first aircraft, I would do a TBM or Piper, two easy aircraft where I can make my way up to a commercial license. I don’t say my favorite plane as that would be given to me to fly for an airline after I have all I need. Plus you can’t buy your own Ailriner as your very first plane to fly.


It would have to be Boeing 787-10 and A350-1000 in commercial airliner while in military, it would be F18


If you are starting an airline then I will choose CRJ-200 for better decision. Never start big and always start small.


Oh that’s a hard one. Of course if u could chose it would be a Gulfstream G650 but on a more personal level I would chose an airplane from the citation series


Why would you take that ?


Because she looks so cute and adorable

I’d be fine with a B737, B738, B739, and the MAX family


Most probably would be the Dream. Beauty :heart_eyes:



Probably dis boi


A CRJ-200
You can land at every runway and it is big enough for some nice place to sit