IFP Boarding Music

Just wondering, why does IFP have boarding musics from the airlines that aernt even in infinite flight (e.g Atlas Air (They are Cargo))

Btw I think the categories should be edited as this is a feature of the app, but it doesn’t need votes

Atlas Air is not just cargo, but also Charter. They helped transport stranded Thomas Cook passengers a while back.


Leave it in #general, this suits your topic the best.

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Many of the airlines associated with cargo also run charter and palleted seating can be fitted in most cargo aircraft as well. If it exists they will add it as its existence suggests it is used in real life.

Photo: Passenger Atlas Air 747 used for Charters. These are sometimes used by USAF Air Mobility Command for an example of a user.

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But there are other airlines as well

Could you name a few of them and i would be happy to explain.


Just because a certain airline is not in Infinite Flight, it doesn’t quite mean that the sound pack won’t be added. I think it’s quite good that we offer a variety of sound packs in the app for a number of airlines. Users may choose to use a sound pack not in Infinite Flight by flying the generic livery, however may also use a current livery. I know it may not be 100% accurate but at least it’s something. They may also want to start an airline with it… and pilots can use these sound packs with a generic or a current livery. Another reason, as mentioned a lot of these airlines do charter service.