Ifpax quitting mid flight or at start


I few weeks ago, I was using IFPAX.

And this has been ongoing for a very long time, that at the start or in the middle of my flights, IFPAX randomly crashes. Any ideas why this is?

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What’s the length of your flights? About when does it quit?

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I don’t really fly long hauls with IFPAX so I usually fly from 50 mins to 3-4hrs. I cant say an exact answer as it simply stops at any point of the flight. It varys.

Do you interact with the device at all? It could be iOS killing the app for inactivity or something like that.

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I don’t have iOS. I use android. And it can’t be killing it for inactivity as it happens at random times.

How much available storage? Any other apps in the background?

16GB with 64GB SD Card. I usually have a few apps in background when I use it but I doubt it’s that.

You’ve tried the normal Restart your device and reinstall the app steps yet?

I’ve tried that multiple times. Nothing works. It might be something related with the IF Connection.

Does this happen with most sound packs or only a few?

Which device are you using?

We are aware of problems when the app crashes on certain sound packs on Android. We are actively working to help find the root cause of that issue.

I just had my IFPAX crash on me halfway between my flight from KORD to KDFW. Just a 2 hr flight that I just about do daily without any issues. I even do long hauls KLAX-RJTT and KORD-EGLL and it works flawlessly until now. Not sure what caused it but I toggled back to IFPAX and it suddenly came back on. Message said “at Wrong Airport” and the music played for the rest of the flight. I’m about to descend now and I’ll try a return trip after I reboot and see what it does.

If the reboot didn’t work try this:

  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these step above don’t work. Try uninstall and reinstall.

Same issue fix asap please thank

Are you on iOS or android?

Same issue, running it on a Oneplus 5t
it Disconnects mid flight and doesnt recognizes the flight anymore, causing me to start over again.

Do you know about when the app disconnects during the long hauls?

Please try the following:

Keep minimal apps open - try to only have Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight running

Make sure you have at least a few GB of free storage left on your device. Sometimes if memory/storage is low it will trigger app closure:

Disable any OS power saving modes

If the above steps don’t then:

Switch to Infinite Passengers after about 4-6 hours and then change back to Infinite Flight, although we understand this may not be possible for everyone during a long haul flight


tried both, initially thought it was only on long hauls, then tried flying shorter ones and still randomly disconnects. and yes i have force removed power saving and done the rest of the suggested things.

What device language do you use?

It happen with every sound pack?

I’ve seen support topic where the user reported android app crashed on certain sounds packs.