In-app moderator tags

This is my first features suggestion on the community.

I am suggesting a feature for community/app moderators to get a special color when flying on the live map. I believe that they do a lot around here and I’ve just joined the forum but can already see that, they deserve more recognition. Infinite Flight have these for in-game moderators and forum moderators so I want Infinite Passengers to add it to the live map. This also means you’ll be able to track any community moderator who are flying in real time

What is your opinion?

That would be cool, but im sure most mods just want to be treated as a regular player and not as a “ special member”.


I like the idea but at the same time, yeah I want to be treated just as a regular member and user of the app


Admins are just Regulars in Gold. The only difference is that they made the most helpful contributions, earning the gold status. Nothing special :slight_smile:


To be honest, I think we get enough credit as it is. I don’t think we are at the stage where we have to have in-app tags. It would be a cool idea but just not necessary at the moment. Plus, who is going to stare at the map just searching for moderators all of the time? I don’t think this is needed for a third-party app. We are all users at the end of the day… just with a few more abilities.


Thanks all for the comments but I just wanted you to get that extra credit.


As amazing as they are I think they want to blend in. Which is nice of them :slight_smile:


Yes but they deserve more.

Not really correct because they are hired by INFINITE PASSENGERS to moderate the forum and do a lot of admin things. They are not just regulars because they have a lot more permission than you really do think, a staff can correct me if I am wrong.

*Volunteers chosen by.

If they were hired, they’d be getting paid for this.

That’s what I’m referring to as gold status, they earned more moderation privileges.

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I don’t need to be corrected @Starz_Flyz, I know what I’m talking about. They have been hired by the company “INFINITE PASSENGERS” to become moderators on an agreement basis like every other forums mod.

No because you said they are only regulars who make good contributions.

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Hired is the wrong term. If we were hired, we would be getting paid… we don’t get paid to moderate the forum. We are just volunteers chosen for our contributions to the app/forum to help out.


They are volunteers who give up their time.