Increase Virtual Airline Limit

Right now, we can only be in 4 VAs so I was thinking we should disabled it so that we can join as many VAs as I want. Let me hear your thoughts/ideas! :slight_smile:

That slightly defeats the point of a limit. Having a limit is so pleople choose just the VAs they want to be in. Depending on how the thread is or what va it is. Plus there are some in app downsides to this.


Well, what if I want to be in more than 4 VAs?

I am already in FlyDelta VA, Lufthansa group and I requested fly Vietnam virtual but I like to join WAS System and Piedmont regional. I suppose we can increase the limit of VAs that we can be in

But then it limits VA Activity. 4 is fine for me.

However, I don’t know whether to apply piedmont regional or WAS system. It’s hard to decide as both va interests me and that I already in 3 VAs. That is why @Callum5124, we can increase the limit.

Well if we changed the app to suit everybody it would be a mess and chaos. We can’t do that. You’ll have to decide.

Can we at least increase the limit?

Ken, the limit is there for a reason. There would be no point in VA’s if everyone joined 20 and only did one flight every 17 months. The limit is staying, and will not be increased.


Joining 20 is unacceptable but I consider limit to 7.

7 is still way too many. 4 is the right number as it allows you to be in more than 1 or 2, but it’s not enough that you can just join VA’s without thinking.


How do I know what va to go for when it’s down to the last va? Ryanair and Piedmont Regional really interests me so even if I think about it, It’s still hard tho.

You said it better than me.


Exactly, that’s the point of the limit. You need to really think about it.

I am already in 4 VAs and I want to be in more VAs without quitting a VA so how can I do that then?

You can’t.

You need to consider the VA’s you join, if you join out of interest then see another VA that you like the look of, you really need to consider the choice of how you are already in 4 VA’s, what one or 2 VA’s can you leave, that you might not be interested in

So I think the limit is ok. It makes you think about the VA’s you join and the VA’s you want to join