Indonesian Airport Addition Request


New comers here, I’m from Indonesia…
Can i get list of airport in Indonesia? Because some airport not listed/not matched… Ex: WIEE (Minangkabau Int Airport)

Thanks for your support.



Some airports are not in the Infinite Passengers Database. If you’d like one added that is not currently in the database, you may request it. As far as a list of all Indonesian airports, check here:

Once you clarify your request I look forward to helping you further.


Thanks for the answer, may be not much poeple from Indonesia use IFPAX, how to request? is need make new topic or can here?

Sorry for my bad english…




You can request the airports here. The developer will then be notified and do his best to get your requested airports into the database.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.


OK, thanks for the information…

Dear Team,
Please add new airport WIEE and WIBB (not checked because now i’m on flight) that be my reguler flight…

Thanks alot for your support…



Awesome. The team should be able to them added soon.

Have a good one!

CC: @luqmanh


As this isn’t an issue with the app itself, I’ll move this to #general

The airports will most likely be updated soon,


Awesome… Thanks for the team…

*Sorry for wrong place to ask…



You didn’t do anything wrong :wink: I just swapped it for you. If you have issues (app not connecting or issues similar) put it in #support a missing airport can be in #general

Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy the stay!

Oh yeah, If you’ve got any questions, send me a msg, I’ll happily answer!


Great! For me as new member and new to use this, with support like this, i’'ll stay and enjoy this community! Respect for the team…



WIBB was already there. but yes WIEE was missing. ive added now.


Awesome… Thanks alot for support… :pray::pray::pray:

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