Infinite Flight GIVEAWAY

Hey guys, I’m hosting a giveaway !
For those of you who want to join, great, for those who don’t, no one is forcing you to. Here’s the video explaining it :

I will put evidence that I sent it to the people, so please don’t make false accusations and lie that it’s a scam when it’s not (if you want to do that, go to the people with 31 subs who are giving away “25 IPhone X’s”)

Hello @MMAviationYT:

Can you please explain how to enter the giveaway in words as some people might want to enter but not watch the video. Thanks you!

Well, no as it’s very long and I put it in other terms there, and to enter it you need to watch the video as some of the steps, so it’s necessary and I’m the one doing a giveaway so I feel that I can do it how I want to and the point is also to attract new viewers.

Can you at least summarize the competition in your own words?