Infinite Flight Relations Category

Now I know this has probably been mentioned a number of times on the forum. I’d like a new addition of a #infiniteflight category for anything which is to do with Infinite Flight itself. I think we should keep the #general category for everything else relating to Infinite Passengers and not Infinite Flight as it’s the main idea of the forum. I also think that many Infinite Flight topics may get lost in general, even with more activity on more recent topics. This category could be used to share information, pictures, questions, events etc. I hope you guys will consider adding this and especially with the latest update, I think this is really needed here to encourage more activity.


Neat idea, considering there is a fairly large community surrounding Infinite Flight then this would be perfect.

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This isn’t the Infinite Flight forums but a category wouldn’t hurt. :+1:

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I just think it would be beneficial as it sets out all IF related posts into a single category, rather than scattered everywhere in #general.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your opinions and the request. I can definitely see your reasoning behind this category, although we do aim to focus more on the actual Infinite Passengers app.

We do welcome Infinite Flight topics in #general as noted… we have few topics relating to it (everything here is mostly Infinite Passengers). I don’t see why we would need to add an entire new category for the purpose of Infinite Flight when it could happen in general.

We’ve discussed this internally before and agreed it may slide into more of an Infinite Flight Community (which is not our intention). Our community is a platform for users of Infinite Passengers to hang out, get support, advertise their airline, request features, get the latest information etc. If you wish to discuss more of Infinite Flight, head on over to their community or AFC (community by @Ondrejj - message for more details).

Maybe we’ll consider this as time marches on, however we feel it’s better suited to general at the moment.