Infinite Passengers 5.0.8 Release

Today we pushed a new update (5.0.8 iOS, 5.0.10 Android) to Infinite Passengers.

This update included various fixes.

Here is the full change log for this new update:

- Changed landing light violation check to 10,000ft AGL. Before we had based it on MSL. This change will help with high altitude area flying and you won’t be given a penalty for something that isn’t your fault. This will also have an effect on the seatbelt and descent sounds.

- A fix was also made for iOS crashing. When a pilot requested to join your airline the app would crash when viewing the request. This has been fixed now and shouldn’t be an issue.

- We also fixed the issue where the “gear up” sound would also sometimes play at the wrong time.

- Sometimes flight would not mark as complete and show report at the end. This has now been fixed.

Image by @Gil.S

Upcoming features

If you follow us on twitter (@if_pax) you may have seen our recent poll for our new features list. We’d like to announce that development is underway and we’ll be releasing a more formal road map soon, but in the mean time see below the top entries we have for now.


We are still taking feature requests. You can vote on our Twitter poll or make a topic in #features.

We aim to roll out one new update per month (pending thorough tests), which will hopefully keep you loving IF_PAX. We really truly appreciate the support many of you have given us by subscribing to the app and we hope you continue to do so.

If you have any issues, please remember #support is always here.

Remember: Reviews always count! We’d love it if you take a few moments to leave a review for this update in your respective app stores.

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Stay tuned for more updates! We thank you for the support.


I just downloaded this new update. Much needed change thank you


Where do we vote for features? Also great job in the update. :slight_smile:


You can vote on the poll found here. Alternatively, you can create a topic in #features for any new app features you’d like to see. You can see more about our features category here.


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Congrats on this update!! Thank for all the hard work. I send my personal thanks to developer/s


Enjoy the new update