Infinite Passengers 5.1.0 Release (Android version now avaliable)

Hello everyone,

Version 5.1.0 of Infinite Passengers has been sent to your app store and should now be avaliable for download.

Note: This new update is only avaliable on iOS devices for now. The Android release will come in about 2 week’s once satisfied that everything is fully stable on iOS. This also gives us a chance to find any issues that may have slipped through our beta test stage. We will keep you updated! Good news! The Android release is now avaliable for download.

It may take some time to fully reach every device.

Now let’s talk about the update…

We’ve been working hard at Infinite Passengers to bring you a large number of major changes within this update. See below for a full list of new features, changes and improvements.

Summary of main changes included in this update:

  • Ability to delete own airline
  • Added help guides/walkthroughs
  • Merged all alerts into a single alert screen
  • New ‘Follow’ screen
  • Redesigned recruitment screen
  • Updated map to show pilots and airlines you are following in red
  • Ability to set an airline logo/pilot profile picture
  • UI Improvements

Please see below for a full detailed change log for this update:

Added ability to delete own airline

We know it can be a pain if you have made your own airline, however decided you want to start again from scratch. We now allow you to simply delete your airline by simply clicking on your airline name in the bottom right corner and following the on screen prompt.

Added help guides/walkthroughs

Are you a new user? Have you ever needed some additional guidance on how to use a certain feature of the app? We have now added a dedicated help guide page!
This can be found under the “Help ?” tab on the main screen. Featuring 13 guides which cover all major areas of the app, you’ll never be stuck again!
*More guides will be published/updated over time

Current Guides:

  • Connecting to Infinite Flight
  • Full Flight Tutorial
  • Emergencies
  • Airline Management
  • Buying/Selling Planes
  • Routes
  • Edit Airline
  • Edit Photo
  • Joining an Airline
  • Leaving an Airline
  • Hiring/Firing Pilots
  • Approving Flights
  • View/Share My Stats

New alert screen

We have now merged all of the requests, notifications and approvals into a brand new alerts notification screen. This is a single area for all of your notifications, meaning you won’t have to worry about switching between multiple tabs.

Added ‘Follow’ screen

We have now added a new ‘Follow’ screen. You are now able to follow other pilots/airlines and their progress. This will also allow you to see your follower list.

Our map feature has also been updated. The map now shows the airlines/pilots you are following in red to make them stand out from other users.

Recruit new pilots (Redesigned)

We have now added a new redesigned ‘Recruit’ tab. This will allow you to easily hire pilots for your selected airline. All you have to do is search for the pilot and hire them based on flights and average score. When you request to hire someone they will get a notification. You’ll be notified if they accept your offer to fly for your airline or not.

Set airline logo and pilot profile picture

We have now added the ability to allow you to set a logo for your airline and a pilot profile picture. Have a great logo that you want to use? Great news, you can now set it! Simply upload your airline logo/profile picture from your gallery and you are all set.

Additional changes/fixes
Fixed issue where unapproved flights would still affect the airline income
Improved UI of airline selection screen on tablet devices
Fixed issue where the Dash 8 was not recognised by Infinite Flight in the airline mode
Fixed issue with iTunes prompting for password too many times due to the subscription method
‘Tap here to join the community’ button

Android users

We pushed a small bug fix update (5.0.13) to keep you loving Infinite Passengers. Here is what has been fixed:

Fixed issue with 747-8 flights not showing save button
Fixed bug where if the boarding music was set to off, then the flight report would not show
Fixed issue where the Dash 8 was not recognised by Infinite Flight in the airline mode
Few other bug fixes

Version 5.1.0 will come to Android in a few weeks as mentioned. Keep an eye out. has now been released to Android devices! Enjoy the new update!

Remember: Reviews always count! We’d love it if you would take a few moments to leave a review for this update in your respective app stores.

If you experience any difficulty then remember #support is here for any support requests.

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Thanks for your continued support! We really do appreciate it.

Enjoy the new update!


Good job, developer! Keep the work up, and don’t give up, too!


Great job @luqmanh! I was really amazed with the effort when this update came along in TestFlight.


Awesome job guys!
A big thanks to the team. :+1:t2:


What a great way to wrap up the year!
Huge thank you to everyone that made this possible! (Beta Testers, Staff and everyone else!)

But let’s not forget @luqmanh The one that did all the hard work to create another great update! :tada:


Thanks all!


Ending the year in a great note!
Great job guys!:beers:


Great end to the year! Thank you


Wow!.. This is great!

Also a large thanks to the beta team for making sure everything is good and putting the maximum effort so it comes quicker to you guys!


Great job on the new features! Great way to bring 2018 to an end.


Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on the messages of support.

We love bringing updates to you and can’t wait for 2019.


Great job on the update guys!! Feels like yesterday we got the last one!! You are pumping out these updates at the speed of light!


Congratulation on another awesome update!


5.1.0 is now avaliable on Android! #support is here as always if you encounter any issues.


This was one of the best updates so far. Thank you!


Enjoy the latest update!