Infinite Passengers 5.2.19 Bug Fix Update!


Today we pushed a new fix update to Infinite Passengers for iOS. This is rolling out and should be available for download. This 5.2.19 update fixes a few bugs which have been identified by the community and beta team.

Note: It may take some time for all users to recieve this update.

iOS 5.2.19 Bug Fixes -

  • Fixed missing airline logos for sound packs: all respective airline logos should now show instead of the default IF PAX logo.

  • Fixed aircraft position on the Live Map feature: the plane icon now follows the position of the route line again instead of staying at the origin airport whilst just the route line moved.

Features -

We love adding new features that the community wants to see added to the app! If you have a burning request, make sure to create a topic in our #features category and vote. The developer looks at all requests, however more votes will likely see implementation quicker. We hope we can bring you more cool features soon! Just making the app stable for now.

Reviews -

As always, reviews always help! Make sure to leave a review for this update in your App Store. We’d really appreciate it!

If you encounter any difficulties, please remember our #support is always here! Feel free to create a topic should you require assistance and we’ll be right with you!

Thanks for your continued support and feature requests!

Stay tuned for more! :eyes:


Is this coming to os

Which OS? Can you please elaborate as I don’t understand? Do you mean Android? Thanks!

yes android