Infinite Passengers Closing Mid Flight

I was flying: ENGM - FAOR in the A330 and left it for some sleep, I woke up later, flight was fine but Infinite Passengers had logged me out of airlines mode, so the 11h58m flight went to waste…

iPad Pro 9.7”


Just to confirm that you only had IF PAX and Infinite Flight open? Were you running other third party apps e.g. In-Flight Assistant?

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I only had them open, no other apps (Not even Youtube)

(Infinite flight and IFPAX)

Thanks. Did you recieve any notifications or FaceTime calls etc during the flight?

No facetime, possibly only youtube notifications (Even tho I don’t think I get them anymore)

Thanks. I was just wondering because if you received any sort of notification it may lead to connection problems with IF PAX.

I had no internet connection problems or anything like that, but after 11h the app ‘Closed itself’ and the fight was canceled


Bumping this to the top, its been a long wait…

@luqmanh can help you! You could shoot him a forum dm!!

No, let him post here. Someone else might have been experiencing the same issue and might find luqmanh’s reply useful.


@aegirN Have you tried another long flight to see if this happens again?!!!

Nope, it will have the same outcome and a waste of my time…

How do you know!!! You didn’t try!!

I have a feeling I know why it happened but I cant solve it and what I think will happen over and over again no matter what, The same thing happens with other apps over a long period of time (days)

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Hi. Are you on android or ios?
By any chance did a phone call come during flight?

Both have been answered above… I’m on iOS device is an iPad Pro 9.7” non cellular. So I don’t get calls… Any additional information would have been mentioned before.

When you landed did you get the post landing announcement?
Did you get notification saying flight report complete?
Im assuming the device was kept on charge throughout?

nope, nothing the app had restarted or something

iOS could potentially have killed the app. Will need to try some really long flights and see. But obviously that will take time to debug so please bear with me.


My flight was about 12 hours and thanks for looking into this