Infinite Passengers Community Awards

I was thinking as 2019 draws to a close then we could host a community awards ceremony. We’d have a google form and nominees for each certain category and the winners receive a custom title?

Should we do it?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think it’s going that extra way to making those community members feel valued.

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It’s way too late for a 2019 one.

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I don’t understand the motive behind a whole award ceremony for the community?

I’m sure the staff recognise ze contribution in other ways.

No because it only takes a few days to set up.

It’s just for a little bit of added fun and recognition.

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There’s literally 3 days left. No chance of setting up polls, making threads and graphics, and getting everyone to vote is possible in 3 days.

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Won’t be happening right now, sorry! Maybe something could be organised towards the end of 2020.