Infinite Passengers controller talking in background


This came to my mind today so I am going to bring it up here to see what your thoughts are.The Majority of Infinite Passengers is Usually flying.Lets try to make sonething ATC realated.So for controllers while controlling you can here soft ATC sounds in the background to make it more realistic.You can have a volume button so the controllers can deside weather the sound is loud or soft.And there can be a disable and enable button just in case some dont approve of having it.I personally think its a great idea and can expand the realism of IF.


You’ve got my vote! That’s a terrific idea!


Nice Idea. I was just wondering how this would work if there was active TS or Expert server ATC


In my opinion it would be good if ATC sounds played throughout your flight!!


Adding this feature will make a better third-party app! Very great and simple idea!

Edit: Also, don’t forgot to vote your own.


Good idea, you got my vote!


Wouldn’t this defeat the whole purpose of Infinite Passengers?


You have my vote. This reminds me of a flight sim call Flight 787 and it features controller talking, I think :slight_smile: :wink:


I’m a bit confused. Would this be when opening ATC or flying?


You see how in Infinite Passengers, you have guys talking so we can change it to controller talking instead. I think that is what he want.


This deserves a bump. Great idea.