Infinite passengers crash

Hello I have a problem with Infinite Passengers. When I launch IFPAX and connect it to infinite Flight everything happens until a moment during the flight IFPAX crash and therefore I have no more assistance. However I fly asser during 1 hour and its crash very often in the first 10 min.

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Hello @In_fly,

Try these steps below.

  • Restart your device.
  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these step above don’t work. Try uninstall and reinstall.

If these steps dont work. We will try to find best solution for you as possible.

I have tried all of these solutions before but nothing works. For information I play on Android. But I really don’t understand this problem.

Can you maybe see if you have a software update pending?

Yes, no update is pending

Alright… Hmm, is your internet connection stable?

Yes she is excellent

Do you have any other apps open in the background? Also could you provide the age of your device? And how much storage you have left :slight_smile:

I have 35 GB of storage left, my phone is the Huawei psmart 2019 and I have had it for 10 months.:sweat_smile:

Hi there, when did this start happening? Was Infinite Passengers working fine before?

Can you ensure any power saving modes are set to off.

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Hello, I bought the subscription about two days ago and I have verified that all the battery modes are deactivated

Do you have a solution?

Sorry but you have a solution??

Hi mate, Sorry but the staff team can be extremely busy at times. I would give them some time to reply. (Why am I not, because I don’t use Android).

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Hi i’m sorry if i forced a little but that’s because its bothering me a lot. Do you think who will soon be able to answer me?

I hope so, I will remind them again :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :ok_hand:

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Hi @In_fly, sorry for the 3-day wait…

Seems like everyone is busy. On your next flight could you try to:

  • Every 8-10 minutes switch to the IFPAX app, then switch back to IF.

Let see if this works :slight_smile:

No problem I understand but the application is deactivated sometimes before 8 min so I will try but I do not guarantee that it will work😅