Infinite Passengers Crashed during a 6 hour 44 minute flight


I’ve just completed a flight and after 6 hours 44 minutes of flying I landed and discovered that infinite passengers had lost the link and therefore the flight didn’t count. When I took off all the notifications and sounds worked perfectly.

Is there anyway for the data to still be captured by the app retrospectively or is that it and I’ve lost the data?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, to get some background information. Can you tell which device, device version, and do you have the latest version of Infinite Passenger?

There is chances that your device setting are blame for it. It could make Infinite Passenger shut down in the background for a while.

This happens to me 99% of the time so I stopped using it! Mine an iPad Pro as well!

Hello @W_98,

We have heard a lot of reports about this, us staff have even come across this issue. Below is a link to give you some insight into what is happening.

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Apparently that bug has been fixed by Apple though?

What version of ios are you running?


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