Infinite Passengers Development Roadmap?

I’d like to see Infinite Passengers create a development roadmap to keep users in the loop with all things development. This could include teaser shots of new updates, feature pipelines and estimated dates for updates. I know the Infinite Flight team are doing something similar and it’s going well. I feel this would help to engage users more and they have things to look forward to for the upcoming development cycle.
I would love to hear everyone’s opinion!


Hey there!

I will let the team know and discuss on it. We will get back to you soon. I like the idea adding a roadmap is a great addition.


Thank you Gabe, I also believe that it will bring communication on a whole new level.


A roadmap would be a perfect addition because then we could see everything that is confirmed. A few previews of behind the scenes of development would be nice also, would love to see the coding aspect of Infinite Passengers and how all that works.


I’ve been looking for something like this.

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This could work but I don’t know how much info the developer can share.

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Could be limited in some cases and they’ll have to plan for the upcoming year ahead!

I like to think to myself what Infinite Passengers will surprise us with next. If the team do plan on adding a roadmap,then it needs to be exciting and something that will hype us up.

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