Infinite Passengers Disables when using ATC

I was taxiing to the runway just listening to the boarding music, which is pretty normal. I contact ATC requesting clearance for takeoff then the music and essentially everything the app offers during the flight is disabled—no V speed callout, no “cabin crew ready for takeoff”, etc. Btw, this was in training server of IF

Hello @AndreDS_PH,

I will see if a member of our testing team will be able to reproduce this. Has this happened multiple times or only once? If so could you try re-install the app then see if the problem still occurs?


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It happened twice actually. The first time IPax disabled when I requested for pushback. I thought it was just a random glitch so I restarted my flight and the IPax app. The second time was this takeoff call. Would appreciate any help

Did you restart the actual device?

Software updated my device, IPax works perfectly despite a lot of calls in the ATC hehe. Thanks for the help!


Great! What software update where you using before?

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Was using ios 13.3 updated now to ios 13.4, IPax works perfectly. Keep up the good work IPax!


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