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Also why is there a 20 character minimum?

We have the limit to make sure messages are long enough to have context :wink: But i agree it’s not fully important in this topic tbh.

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I’m planning to go to an airshow in June in Rhode Island headlined by USAF Thunderbirds, it’s my first time seeing the Thunderbirds performing.


Ooo! cool, send photos :slight_smile:

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Ohh!Very nice. Send pictures :slight_smile:

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Cool. Can’t wait @Maverick! :grin:

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Hey all, happy Thursday!


Thank you! Happy 22nd may :thinking:

Yesterday this is what I was up to:


Atlas Air sent their 767-300ER, my first time spotting this aircraft!


A very good spot :smile:

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Great shot!

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WOW! it’s been 3/4 days since my last message, and spotting trip. And today again an even rarer visitor! Anyone able to guess who it was? (Hint: Its big, 4 engines and overcabin wings)

No clue :frowning:

You sure? It’s a cargo plane…

The 747?

nope, even rarer, and overcabin wings :wink:

I am out, I have no clue.

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Alright, lets see if anyone else guesses, if not ill share the answer in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Okay, I will see it when I get up then :slight_smile:

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The Antonov. It only makes sense