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You can take it off to eat and drink

I know that but it is still a long time breathing in your own CO2.

Yeah, I don’t mind Masks. I don’t know why :man_shrugging:t3:

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They can seem a bit asphyxiating at first. However this is the case because the mask is composed of mats which have tiny fibres etc…

Find out more info here.

I don’t mind masks for anything under 5hrs constant. But after that I can get a headache and sometimes a bad migraines :frowning: That is not fun

For some reason (I don’t have the subscription)I created an Airline but I can not go back unless I have a subscription :cry::sob:

Yep, that’s normal and to be expected…

Hi all how are you doing?

Not bad at all. You?

Good so far :+1:

Good stuff

Why hello there, I’m finally back!

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Welcome, nice to have a activity from you :grinning:

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I’m doing pretty good.

Ummm :joy:

That is blumin discussing :nauseated_face:

Ewww :worried:

Ew does not cover it :joy:

Hello Everyone!

Also hello @Ondrejj @Starz_Flyz and all the others I know from the other forums