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I know I have been busy working 12 hour shifts so sorry about that

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Busy man, where’s @aegirN

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I’m here :sweat_smile:, just been extremely busy. However, I’m always here if needed. Don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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Same here, I’m commanding an Airshow squadron but I don’t have to be very busy

Hi @Maverick

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What’s good :slight_smile:

I’m ok. Usual life

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Yeah same here

I have many school works. It’s extremely hard while distancing learning.


I found the week of online schooling we did very good, and I was able to do 45mins of work in around 20mins. Unfortunately we had to follow our regular timetable, so I would have to do my work, then have like 15mins free time, then go onto next glass and repeat.
I could also fly while school and change the camera views for videos which was also good.

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Hello guys I am just asking whether I should buy an ipad pro right now or wait until the 2021 version comes out

I would wait and see for the 2021 version, if it doesn’t tempt you. Then you can buy the past year version for an even bigger discount :wink:

Why the pro?
It’s sooo expensive.
Even as a content creator myself I wouldn’t get it.
I’m strecthing to my limit and going for the air that’s coming out this Friday

The pro is much better than the air… And if his budget allows… Better choice in my eyes

How are we all? I’m busy with a lot of bits of paper I need to fill in.

Doing just fine over here