Infinite Passengers Support - FAQ’s 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a common list of frequently asked support questions. Please take a moment to look and see if your question has been answered before creating a support topic.

What is included with the Infinite Passengers subscription?

With your initial purchase of the subscription you’ll have full access to all of our modes, these include both airline and cargo mode.

You will also receive every single airline sound pack we have to offer instead of just the generic sound without a subscription. This means you’ll be able to fly with the corresponding sound pack for most airlines available within Infinite Flight. This is definitely a great deal if you are looking for boarding music and safety announcements to add realism to your flight.

This subscription method will also allow you full access to our emergency functionality in free play, airline and cargo mode. This will allow you to select from a range of emergency scenarios such as engine failure, fuel leak, flap failure and gear stuck down. They are able to be set as fixed based on time and %. They can also be set to occur at a random time during the flight. Emergencies are definitely a great addition to the app that you may like. We do recommend these are used in solo mode as they may negatively affect multiplayer rating.

In summary, it’s definitely worth it. You don’t have the worry of buying each mode individually, you don’t have the worry about paying for each individual sound pack and you don’t have to pay for the emergencies separate.

Make sure to let us know your feedback on the app if you choose to go ahead with the subscription! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Can’t connect to Infinite Flight

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure Wifi is turned on
  2. Open Infinite Flight and enable Flight Connect from the settings
  3. Start Infinite Passengers and setup your flight
  4. When its on Monitoring Mode screen switch to Infinite Flight and start your flight, you should see notification for Connected
  5. If notification doesn’t appear within a few seconds then please check notifications are enabled for Infinite Passengers in your device settings and ensure Wifi is working properly
  6. Still not working? Try to kill Infinite Flight app (on android use task manager, on iOS tap home button device twice and swipe apps up). Then reopen.
  7. Also do not exceed 35kts ground speed during taxi and start from gate/ramp not runway

If its still not connecting, try to end both apps by using double tap on home button and slide up (on iOS devices) or using task manager on android. After this try steps above again.

Also try opening Infinite Flight first before opening Infinite passengers. also double check wifi connection. try over mobile data.

If its still not working please raise a support request.

Change airline name/difficulty

Check the guide at: Changing Airline Name or Difficulty Level

Hear boarding music but no safety announcement

Make sure you :

  • do not exceed 35kts ground speed
  • start the flight from gate and not runway.
  • do not turn on strobe or landing lights unless your entering runway

Can’t log in / forgotten credentials

If you click on the “forgot” section, it will ask you for your email address or username. It will then send a password reset email, however included in the email subject will be “Hi [Username]”. This should allow you to see what your username is.

If the email doesn’t arrive for some reason then the developer will be able to search the user database to find your username in the app.

Note: The email may take up to 10 minutes to send.

I have already bought sound packs but now it’s asking for a subscription

We are offering free subscription based on the number of sound packs purchased previously. Please reclaim by opening a support topic in #support . The old free subscription claim form has been removed as it was abused by users.

Make sure you provide the correct username. Receipts are also useful but not essential.

Why was it changed to subscription mode?

Changing to subscription based model should also allow us to expand development and get a lot more features out that would add to realism. It should mean we can also have a dedicated support person. Monthly subscription will provide access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode

Not at selected airport/airport missing

If you see this for a particular it may be that this is missing from our database. In which case please create a topic in #support and it will be added.

I have received violations when using emergencies

Infinite Passengers are not liable for any of the violations you have racked up on your online account. These come at the fault of the user. It is up to you to use them wisely either on Casual or Solo mode. There is a clear disclaimer within the app stating that it could negatively affect your multiplayer rating and we recommend use in single player mode. If you wish to use emergencies we recommend use in Solo or Casual mode.

App Crashing on long hauls

Please try the following:

Keep minimal apps open - try to only have Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight running

Make sure you have at least a few GB of free storage left on your device. Sometimes if memory/storage is low it will trigger app closure:

Disable any OS power saving modes

If the above steps don’t work then:

Switch to Infinite Passengers after about 4-6 hours and then change back to Infinite Flight, although we understand this may not be possible for everyone during a long haul flight

We will most likley have to wait until Apple releases a fix for these app terminations and we may need to try and debug more.

No route to host error

This is most likely a problem with your Infinite Flight settings. Please try the following steps:

• Try to disable and re-enable Infinite Flight Connect
• Try over an alternative connection method e.g data/Wi-Fi

If this doesn’t work then please reinstall the app and try the steps above again.

Will my subscription auto renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew each month unless you cancel.

Please follow the guides below if you wish to cancel your auto renew:

Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play

How do I get a refund?

Please submit a topic in #support or DM the developer so we can look into your case and provide a refund on your selected purchase. Refunds are handled on case by case basis.

Can I become a beta tester for the app?

We don’t accept requests to join our beta team. We choose beta testers based on a number of different factors. Our beta team can be trusted with keeping everything private and not sharing with the general public. We only add based on recommendations or direct selection. Be active and contribute on the community forum and you may be added. Also keep an eye out on the forum in case we open applications.

If your question isn’t answered above then be sure to raise a support topic. Make sure to include as much information as possible.

*Please do not include any personal information within a public support topic.