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Hey everyone and welcome to the very first IP News interview. Today’s is a special one, as it’s with the one and only @anon85169546. Without further ado, let’s get going with the questions.

I discovered Infinite Flight about 3 years ago. I was just searching for a mobile flight simulator to pass the time here and there when I got bored. I didn’t have a good PC at the time, so didn’t opt for the PC sims. I tried a few like X-Plane and some random one with horrible graphics. Infinite Flight was the only one which appealed most to me. It had everything from a diverse fleet of aircraft to multiplayer and ATC. I discovered my interest in aviation because I live near to Prestwick Airport (EGPK). Everyday I would see a few 737’s and 747’s flying overhead. I began to get very fascinated by the aircraft, meaning I also had a few questions… I wondered how they fuel? What the type of aircraft actually were?. After this, I had done some digging online and eventually took a few hours a week to go plane spotting. This grew and I had started to go to other airports and spot bigger planes e.g. Emirates B77W at Glasgow. This is where my love of aviation really sparked. Before I discovered aviation I was a big train fan.

I’m going to spill the truth… No. Economy all the way haha!

The best thing I like is the ability to create and manage your own airline. It allows you to manage all of your fleet, routes and aircraft. I love the feeling in being control ‘CEO’ of my own airline and be able to manage it. I feel that this is a factor in bringing more pilots together and they can virtually fly with each other for an airline. This is useful as well for many VAs within Infinite Flight itself. Users can set up a VA and start flying it within Infinite Passengers.

Yes, I do. I have a pet cat called Sweep. He is definitely some character! He’s a lot of work. But he’s too fond of sleeping and eating, however enjoys sitting on my lap and being cuddled.


I have some knowledge in coding. I have actually developed a few mobile applications (which became a bit too time consuming and haven’t been made avaliable to public). I have some knowledge in Java, Python, PHP, C# and a little bit of Swift.

Here is a small picture from an old tracker app which I tried to make through the Infinite Flight api:


I’d say we have a fair bit goes on behind the scenes. We are constantly speaking with each other within our moderator chats. We discuss quite a number of things. We are constantly talking about our current members contributions and how they are valued. We also spend time decision making. For example - If someone is to be suspended/warned then we will all have a discussion and see if it fits within our policy. We also spend time reviewing our policies and procedures and help to put things in place that will value the forum as a whole. We have a few categories which help to aid the documenting of this work, such as our Staff category. We also work closely with our TL3 members, especially our Senior Regular @Pattymao on any ideas to improve this great platform.

My favourite aircraft is probably the Boeing 787 (all variants). It’s seems more fuel efficient than some aircraft of it’s size, there is more space so you aren’t squeezed in a tight area, there is an easy layout within the cockpit so it’s easier for the pilots to operate all of the controls and a good number of airlines are operating the Boeing 787.

Nope and have no plans yet. Maybe in the future though… we’ll see.

That’s it for the interview guys. Hopefully it provided you with some more insight into what it’s like to be a mod, and also let you get to know Thomas a little better. Massive thanks to him as well, it wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Thanks for all the questions as well, new interviews will be coming soon.


Great detailed interview. Will you answer the other ones not asked?


If people want any of their questions which weren’t asked, answered then they can send me a PM. I’m more than happy to answer them!


That is so awesome. Who’s next?


I definitely wanted to ask you one more question being from Scotland,
Do you ever play/try Scottish Bagpipes?


Nice interview!!! I wonder who is next?!!


Same :wink: I’ll assume it’s a staff member tho. Although I would want a regular or someone else chosen.


I’ve tried them a few times. I find it hard to play them as I can’t seem to keep the bag inflated properly at all times and that is vital. It then just sounds a mess…


What if. The person interviewed chooses who is next :thinking:
That would be a cool idea…


It’s finally here! Great interview and questions. Can’t wait for more of these.


We’re going to line up a couple potential people and then give you guys a choice through a vote. Should be up soon!


Great interview. Can’t wait for more content.


I still have one question about flight simulator: why didn’t you try Prepar3D, it has some realistic graphics

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I think this will answer your question. :slight_smile:


Does Sweep assist you with forum work? :thinking:


Absolutely! He does everything. I just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. joking obviously lol