Introducing the new, ‘AvGeek Chat’ category


Introducing the new, ‘AvGeek Chat’ category…

The moderation team are really excited to open up our new ‘AvGeek Chat’ category… yes, it is a rework of the amazing, ‘real world aviation’ category that we all know from the IFC.

Posting in the AvGeek Category will be limited (initially) to users ranked; TL1 and above.

This is the category for posting all real-world related material on aviation. These are your aviation experiences external to Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Passengers. If you are looking to post your own photos from a recent trip or spotting experience, please limit it to one new thread and 10 photos. This category we hope will become highly active so please take the time to check if a topic has already been created before posting, in particular if it is pertaining to recent important news such as a new aircraft, aviation incident or a first flight.

So, who will be first to post in our new category?



Love to see this community growing!


Thank you for introducing this fabulous category!


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