Is background/ambient noise

I made another post to request this:
I would like the voices to be complete both on takeoff and landing.
applause of passengers and talks when you are in flight


Thanks for taking the time to crate a feature request. However I’m not fully able to understand what this is about. This is an improvement from your last one. Could you edit the post and clarify it a but for me?

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we already have sounds of the companies, in some bookstores it is only heard before taking off, when we land it is not heard for example in iberia, I also like it, applause from the passengers and when we are flying some conversation or sound of cries as a child


I think a good way to describe what you are asking for is background/ambient noise. Maybe rephrase your title and post to request this more specifically Ex. “The background noise of indistinct chatter as well as clapping after soft landings.” If English is not your first language, we are all happy to work with you to get the request figured out. We also have some multi-lingual users present. :slight_smile:


if just that I want ambient sound, if I speak Spanish and for me it is difficult to communicate, I use a translator and it is explained very badly


So passenger chat sounds throughout the flight?

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it is not heard, but I would like it to be heard

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I get your point to increase realism , but wouldn’t it be a problem when you fly at night(long haul) and the passengers keep talking assuming if it’s a 6 hr flight also…won’t they get tired :zzz::zzz:?? (What about babies crying)¿
Moreover if this feature really gets added by the developer I would suggest another one also …

If a pilot makes a bad landing I would want passengers to throw tantrum!:joy::joy:.

All in all I don’t what to do against or for the motion of this topic?¿

I will still give my vote :wink:


I would love for passenger background noise.