Jet2 Announcements

The announcements currently in the app for jet2 are now rather dated. I came across these videos that give a good idea of what the new ones are like.Take a look:

Thanks, Jacob.

Hey Jacob,

Welcome to the community, and great work on the post. I had a look on the forum to see if there already was a request for Jet2, and there is, however it is very old. In the last reply (Updated Jet2Holidays Boarding Music) Luqman said he had updated the sound packs. Can you confirm if the sound packs in the app currently are outdated or not?


Yes they are! The ones that we have in the app are without music and are a lot less lively than the up to-date-ones.

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ok, awesome. I’ll go a head and close the old topic.

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You got my vote, please update, greetings

~ Nine-O-Nine

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I linked both videos thinking the new safety demo and the onboard announcements could be implemented.


Thats for supplying the sources. The sound pack has been updated.


That’s really fast implementation of a community request, excellent job, greetings.