JetUK launch London Luton

Welcome To JetUK

JetUK is a brand new (fictional) airline based in London Luton airport with a aim to be the most realistic airline from day 1!

So here’s a little bit about us!


2 CRJ-700s

More to come as the company grows!


London Luton

We only travel to 4 places in the uk so far! Why? Because we have 1 pilot and we are in need of more to help us grow!!! No point in having hundreds of destinations with not many pilots!

Grand opening of JetUK 18th August 2019 (today)

3 flights today!

No bad language
Professional attitude towards the airline
No minimal or maximum amount you can fly! You can do as many flights as you like
Fly as much! Or as little as you want!

After all we are only a little airline at the min!

So why not coming along to experience the growth of potentially the next best thing!!!

CRJ-700 1 of 2


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