Late afternoon/night flight

Here! Hello community! I know you all like hearing about my flying adventure so here is one!

A week and a half ago, my brother and our friend took a little cross country down to two airports just south of Little Rock! The two airport we went to were Hot Springs Airport (KHOT) and Arkadekphia Municipal Airport (KADF)! The sole purpose of this flight was to practice flying a cross country on instruments and to also shoot some practice instrument approaches. My brother and our friend flew down there, shot an instrument approach at Hot Springs and Arkadekphia and then we landed in Arkadekphia to switch out pilots. I flew back to Hot Springs with my friend to do an instrument approach and we also landed to get gas. We took off into the sunset and got flight following with Memphis Center. The air was smooth coming back and enjoyed the nice calm and cool air! That was a nice change from the bumpy and rough air we encounter on the way down to Arkadekphia! After about an hour and fifteen minutes in the air due to headwinds we landed back at my home airport! On landing we had a close call with another airplane which you can read here.. Attached are some images of the flight! image image image image image image image image image


Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.


No problem! Glad you enjoy them


That’s fun and great pictures.


Seemed like a great flight minus the close encounter. Thanks for sharing these great photos from the flight.


Looked like a great trip!! Was that a TS1 pilot?!!! Just playin :yum:


Great photos, aviator_ryan! Wish I had a licence to fly :see_no_evil: hopefully sometime.


Thank you! I have lots more haha


Sounded a great flight and nice selection of photos. That pilot needs to go back to training. How long have you held your PPL?

Excellent write-up. I think the pilot you had a close encounter with needs to go back to training!! Man that could’ve ended up nasty.

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Just over two years!

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Nice. I plan to get mine later this year and enjoy life in the sky haha!

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