Learning about my job.. Ramp acronyms

So who wants to know more about my job? Oh everyone? Cool. In this post, I will be sharing some ramp acronyms and some abbreviated words we use while on the ramp. Let’s get started:

LAV-Lavatory or bathroom
RON-Remain OverNight
CLR-Cargo Load Report
APU-Auxiliary Power Unit
PAC-Portable Air Conditioning (or heat)
COMAT-Comapny Material
BSO or BSCO-Baggae Service Office
DEST- Destination
ASU- Air Start Unit
AOG-Aircraft on Ground
ATW-Above the WIng (Ticket or Gate Agent)
BTW-Below the Wing (Ramper)

These just are some of the many acronyms and abbreviation we use while on the ramp


Really nice post and I learned some new terminology!


Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it

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does anyone ever get confused between this and the other meaning of WC, water closet (meaning toilet / bathroom)?

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Nope. We don’t use the term “water closet” here in the US

I might. I’d be confused :confused:

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So where exactly do you use the acronyms… i would assume that you use them over radio comms?

Radio comma and when we are doing paperwork etc

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Sir you forgot BLR thats very important

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BLR-Baggage Load Report?

Yeah we use CLR-Cargo Load Report

yep baggage load report

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Ah that nice. I guess it saves you saying the full things, right?

Pretty much. Or even writing the whole thing out