Least Favorite Aircraft and Why

What is your least favorite aircraft and why?
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In this topic you will discuss your least favorite aircraft and why. Before replying make sure your post might not offend anyone and contains reason apart from hate towards a certain manufacturer or company.

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  • looks
  • Range
  • Capacity
  • and many other things! Remember to say WHY!
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I don’t like the 757 because of its looks. in my opinion.


The 757 is most probably my least favorite aircraft too, I say this because of the looks. But I am pretty sure it is one successful aircraft thats been a huge improvement to the airline industry. Its long range and capacity make it one great plane for an airline. But the design throws me off, yes the A330-200F isn’t very beautiful but Im not talking about that plane now.


Airbus A380. Why? It’s just ugly and big. It also does not ever produce a profit fort any airline. Airbus is actually loosing money on it.

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To me, it’s very hard to say but if I am gonna choose one, it will be 747 because it is too ugly, I guess


For me it would be the Md aircraft that I flew in Kish air…seats are at its worst conditions.


Hello @aviator_ryan , I like that you want to share your opinion. But try to make it less bias, yes the A380 has not broken even yet. But Airlines do make lots of money if its full, its long range and size allow an airline to fly many passengers at one time.

Please watch this video:

After having watched that video, try to reply differently, with less bias and unsupported reasoning.

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It is true @DGGR. A lot of airlines are losing money on the A380, if they are not filling up.

If it is a quiet flying season or time, then the cost to operate the aircraft usually costs more than the earnings the airline receives.


The aircraft I hate most is the 757 as it looks like a pencil.


How is it biased when i put facts in it?

Once again, how am i biased when you even know it hasn’t made a profit?

Airlines don’t make money on it because it hasn’t made one profit

  • Talks about the production cost for Airbus compared to profit made from sales
  • The way you said it seemed bias.
  • That doesn’t have anything to do with Development costs for Airbus, that talks about profit for the airline it self. Look at Emirates for example, they would be bankrupt if their 100+ A380’s didn’t make a penny.

Like I said watch the video linked above, gives you a better understanding of the A380 and how it works.

I don’t want a reply to this, I will move on from this and worry about other things


Sorry Boeing fans, but my least favourite aircraft has to be the b757 due to the weird cockpit windows which don’t look that great and make the aircraft nose look ugly. Otherwise the b757 is a really good preforming aircraft



Photo link


Discussion ended a while ago, but this article is great to read about how the A380 makes profit.


Agreed. The 757 is too long to be a narrow-body and it just overall looks weird


No, the 757 is amazing. And my least favourite has to be most soviet aircraft. Nothing political thry really just don’t look the best.


Ummh…this is least favourite😂


Please stick to the topic of the thread, thanks! This is least favorite and not favorite.


I know. And I am sorry about that.

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