Leaving // Bye and thank you

Since I haven’t received any comments about my feature requests, especially the Vietjet Air Sound Pack. So I have decided to leave the Infinite Passengers Community right now. I will not come back until the Vietjet Air Sound Pack is added.
Bye and thank you.


You don’t have to leave just because you didn’t receive replies re your feature request. Staff and members do check out these requests and do show our support. Our support isn’t always necessarily in the form of a reply, we do vote as well. Feature requests do not go unseen and will be added at some point if they can. There is no harm in also bumping them up to gain more exposure once in a while. There are other priorities that have to be focused on like stability and ironing out any issues with the app. We certainly appreciate your requests and we do aspire to add what the community wants. Just because there are 0 replies on your threads, they are not unsupported. Every request is valued here on the forum. I’m sure they’ll be added at some point. Have a little patience :wink:

It’s your choice though at the end of the day…


Hello @anon85169546. Are you by any chance the ThomasR from YouTube (sorry for being a tad off-topic)?

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@Vinne judging by his profile and the link he has put in his bio I’m gonna say he is the ThomasR from YouTube.

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Yes, haha. He’s a friend of mine.


Hey, yes that is me. I’m on here as well :)!