Light and Dark Mode

Light and Dark mode

I suggest a Light and Dark mode, which can be switched from light to dark on the home page by a switch. Changing the theme of the app from light (like a white or light gray) or to dark (like it is now). This will give users the ability to customize the app to what they like best.

i think this would be a good feature to be added if there’s ever a UI rework, as the current app probably wouldn’t look very good in light mode.

this is definitely something i’d like to see though.

Would it be customisable so the user can select between modes as many times as they can or one time offer?

The user can change it when they want to.

perhaps another feature that kind of goes with this could be scheduled dark mode - so if you’re using it at night then it would be in dark mode but at day it would be in light mode.

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Technically already possible with iOS 13 which has a dark mode for some elements.

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The app is already kind of dark.

Yes, the app is already dark. However some people might like it bright or maybe just a normal shade.

Ok I see your point but light mode burns.

I totally agree, however some people still like it…

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I guess they do because a lot of apps are using light and dark Modes now. I don’t think it would harm Infinite Passengers in anyways but it would be a nice addition with a toggle.

I personally say to leave the interface of the app as it is.

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The #features category is for in app features, not ones on the forum :wink:

Bonjour, what is the point in this request as we don’t need it changeable, it’s already dark and would hurt with light, useless, greetings.

~ N-O-N


Don’t think this is much needed as what’s the point in switching when current interface caters for all. The new iOS update has a dark mode which can be used for the app and more apps.

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