Link topic to the bottom

How do I link a topic to the bottom?

Sorry, would you be able to clarify ‘the bottom’. Do you mean to send a link that when clicks on takes a user to the last post in that topic?


I might have an answer, but I don’t fully understand what you meant…



Don’t mind the link in the first photo

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean

That’s isn’t what I mean.

Just scroll down to the last post and copy the URL.

Can I test it and see

Sure, go ahead! It should work!

It didn’t work. I test it.

It should work. Scroll to the last post and copy the URL from above.

When a user clicks on it, it will take them to the post.

Look at this topic for example:

Thats taking me to the first post.




Then paste that link,

Can anyone please show me how I do it? I copy and paste the link of the last post :Chinese Military Aviation but this thread is now a link for that thread

Please look at this pictureimage

How can I link a topic to the bottom of my topic is what I want to know.

It shows up automatically if the thread/topic has been linked in another thread.

But How do I link another thread/topic without a link like this topic for example: Elite Air hiring pilots

I showed you above, you need to do that and change name.


Do you mean like this:

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That’s exactly what I mean